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Nalini Singh Bibliography & Interview

Hunters Guild series (urban fantasy romance)

Psy-Changling paranormal romance series (no vampires!)

  • Slave to Sensation
  • Visions of Heat
  • Caressed by Ice
  • Mine to Possess
  • Hostage to Pleasure
  • Branded By Fire
  • Blaze of Memory

LoveVampires Interview with Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh on Nalini Singh

Photo of Nalini SinghWell, on my Facebook page it says writer, traveller and eater of chocolate. That’s a pretty good summary. I love to write, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some wonderful, exotic places, and as for the chocolate...there’s never enough!

Nalini Singh on Angels’ Blood

ANGELS’ BLOOD kicks off the Guild Hunter series. It’s dark, edgy, with a strong heroine, and a sexy, scary hero. You’ve never seen angels like these!

You are already well established as a paranormal romance writer with your popular Psy-Changeling series, what are the main differences between those books and the Guild Hunter world?

Slave to SensationFirstly, I’m a character-based writer, so the characters are all very different from each other. Elena and Raphael from Angels’ Blood would never be mistaken for a couple from my Psy/Changeling series and vice versa.

Secondly, the worlds are very different – the Psy/Changeling series focuses on the Psy (a psychic race without emotions), and the changelings (shapeshifters). The Guild Hunter series however, is built around angels, vampires and the hunters.

The feel of the stories is different also. I’d say Angels’ Blood falls more on the urban fantasy romance side, while the Psy/Changeling books are paranormal romance.

Angels are central to the beliefs of modern religions. The angels in Angels’ Blood are very different to religious angels - in addition to being coldly inhuman and almost alien they are also amazingly sexy. Were you worried that religious people might take offence at your portrayal of angels?

No – it’s a story, it’s fiction. And I think the fact that my angels are so completely different from religious angels helps with putting Angels’ Blood firmly in the fiction category.

Vampires as the indentured servants of angels are a big departure from the usual vampire myth – where did the inspiration for the Guild Hunter world come from?

I wish I could give you a detailed answer, but all I know is that I sat down one day and began writing. I could see the characters very clearly in my head and boom, it went from there.

Raphael is a powerful supernatural being and has such a dangerously sharp edge to his character – was it difficult to turn him into a romantic hero that readers could like and connect with?

Raphael is who he is. For me, it was all about staying true to his character throughout the book. A romance wouldn’t have worked if he’d become suddenly ‘softer’ – he needed a woman tough enough to take him on as he was. That’s where the romance comes from – the connection between two very strong individuals.

How many books do you have planned for the Guild Hunter series and can you give readers any hints about who and what will be featured in the next book?

Angels BloodCurrently, I’m contracted for two Guild Hunter books, plus I’ve written a novella (Angels’ Pawn) that will be a special e-release in February. I also have a novella coming out in September (Angel’s Judgment), which focuses on secondary characters introduced in Angels’ Blood.

The second Guild Hunter book will have Elena and Raphael as main characters again. After that, I can see one of the other characters taking center stage. We’ll see how things develop :)

What are you currently working on?

The second Guild Hunter book – titled Angel’s Kiss at the moment.

As a reader, what books have you most enjoyed reading lately and why?

I haven’t had a chance to read much these past few weeks as I’ve just turned in a book, but I did manage to get an ARC of The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop and I loved it! Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels world is one of my absolute favorites.

Do you have any tips for aspiring paranormal romance authors?

Write, hone your craft, then do it some more. The more you write, the more you learn.

Who is your favourite fictional vampire character?

SpikeOoooh, good question. I’ll go with Spike from Buffy. He had such a great character arc, from a one-dimensional baddy, to this complex, tortured individual.

Angel, vampire, vampire hunter or human? If you had to choose which would you be?

Tough! But I think I’d be an angel – can you imagine what flying would be like?!

A big "thank-you" to Nalini Singh for taking part in the author interview. To find out more about the Guild Hunter novels visit Nalini’s website.
1st March 2009

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