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Michelle Rowen Bibliography

Immortality Bites vampire series (in reading order)

Nightshade vampire series (in reading order)

  • Nightshade - reviewed by LoveVampires
  • Bleeding Heart (novella in Primal anthology)
  • Bloodlust - reviewed by LoveVampires

Living In Eden trilogy (paranormal romance/no vampires)

Other books

Michelle Rowen is the author of several other romance and Young Adult novels - see Michelle’s website for full details.

LoveVampires Interview With Michelle Rowen

Michelle Rowen on Michelle Rowen

Picture of author Michelle RowenI recently gave up a 12 year career as a graphic designer to try my hand at writing full-time. Even though I've simply traded one kind of stress for another, it's been great so far! When I'm not writing, I'm usually thinking about writing or talking about writing. I'm obviously very boring to be around. Luckily a great many of my friends are also writers so it all works out in the end. I'm a couch potato who is beginning to think exercise of some form might be required in her life. This does not include walking to the fridge or elevator. It's a work in progress.

Michelle Rowen on Sarah Dearly, protagonist from her Immortality Bites paranormal romance series

Sarah is an everygal who was turned into a vampire by her blind date from hell. She still feels normal and non-evil, but now the world views her as a blood-sucking monster-which for her, in a word, sucks. All she wants is to be normal and happy, but for a fledgling vampire, that road is definitely a rocky one-but a whole lot of fun to write!

Your latest novel, Lady & The Vamp, leaves Sarah Dearly behind in Toronto and concentrates on Quinn the vampire hunter - who originally tried to stake Sarah a few times before being turned into a vampire himself in an earlier novel. Why the change of focus?

Lady & The Vamp Cover PictureBecause I love Quinn! LOL. I've always loved series that do spin-offs of other characters. I think it adds some interest as well as giving a nice break from the main storyline. I was also inspired to write Quinn's book because of reader interest. A goodly amount of mail I get from readers asks if certain characters will be getting their own book. In Quinn's case, I felt that there was enough story to explore for him, especially since he was a part of a love triangle in the first two Immortality Bites books, I already knew he'd make a great romantic hero.

Both of the previous novels in this series (Bitten & Smitten and Fanged & Fabulous) were written in first person from Sarah's perspective. Lady & The Vamp is written in third person from both Janie and Quinn's perspective. Were there any challenges involved in swapping from writing in first person?

I always compare writing to acting. Writing in first person is like starring as that character and seeing the world through her eyes-becoming her. Writing third person is like being the director and watching your characters on stage. I am naturally prone to write first person to get deeper into the characters' heads. There were times in the writing of Lady & the Vamp that I wrote scenes in first person and switched it to third to get into the nitty-gritty of what the characters were really thinking.

How many books do you plan to write for the Sarah Dearly vampire series?

Bitten & Smitten Cover PictureThere are five books planned in the series-four from Sarah's point of view, and one featuring Quinn-I just finished the fourth and I'm about ready to start on the last one in the next couple of weeks.

Do you plan to give any other characters from this series their own books, like you did with Quinn?

I have no plans of this right now. When I'm finished with the Immortality Bites series I have plans for new paranormal series. Sarah's story will be complete in the last book. never know what will happen! ;)

When will the next book featuring Sarah Dearly be published and can you give us any hints about what Sarah will be getting up to in it?

Absolutely... Stakes & Stilettos will be released February '09. Sarah and her master vampire boyfriend Thierry head to her hometown to attend her high school reunion-only to be faced with a vengeful witch, a vampire-related curse, and parents who definitely don't approve of her new relationship with a much-older (by 650+ years!) man.

You have Countdown, a speculative romance published by Dorchester SHOMI written under the name of Michelle Maddox, scheduled for publication in August 2008. What are the differences between Countdown and your work as Michelle Rowen?

Countdown is an action, cyberpunk sci-fi romance set in a dystopic near-future after a plague has greatly reduced Earth's population. My heroine is forced to play a game for the entertainment of rich subscribers with a convicted mass murderer as her partner. My Michelle Rowen titles have a more chick-lit, light paranormal romance feel and are based in humor with sexy but non-explicit love scenes. Countdown, however, is violent, explicit and has non-stop action! My voice does have a similar feel-the story is told first person from the heroine's POV-but there is enough of a difference to make me want to use a different pen name for a "darker" book like Countdown.

Will Michelle Maddox ever write about vampires?

Absolutely not. That's Rowen territory! LOL

Why do you think that people have such an enduring interest in vampires?

Fanged & Fabulous Cover PictureI think vampires represent the monster under the bed-something scary and unknown and liable to eat us. By bringing vampires into the light (so to speak) by making them the love interests, heroes and heroines, I think it helps us come to terms with our inner demons and realize there's nothing to fear but fear itself. Hey, it's a theory.

Which authors/books do you think have had the most influence on your writing?

I was inspired to write paranormal when I first began reading Laurell K. Hamilton. I loved her voice in the Anita Blake novels (which is actually the reason why I discovered writing in first person even though my books are very different than hers!). I was also inspired by Christopher Moore, particularly BLOODSUCKING FIENDS. Tanya Huff's BLOOD series. And L.J. Smith's NIGHTWORLD series. Also, he's not an author, but when I'm stuck on a scene, I always ask myself WWJWD: What would Joss Whedon do? ;)

If you could pick between huge commercial success or artistic respect and critical acclaim which would you choose?

I think even the most respected artists still have harsh critics. Nobody's going to be universally loved for what they write. Therefore, I have to choose huge commercial success! No question! LOL

What are you currently reading?

I always have multiple books on the go at any time. Right now I'm reading CRANK by Ellen Hopkins, YOU SLAY ME by Kate MacAlister and STORY by Robert Mckee. All very, very different books!

Who is your favourite fictional vampire?

The first one that comes to mind is Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I even named my cat Spike. He's just so funny, sexy and conflicted. The vampire, not my cat, that is. ;)

A big "thank-you" to Michelle Rowen for taking part in the author interview. To find out more about the Immortality Bites series and Michelle's other work visit Michelle's website.
28th March 2008

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